Nardella says she longs for the day when she is out of business because food banks are no longer necessary, and that it is a poor reflection on the US that there should be hungry people in the richest country in the world.

"I think it\’s a shame, because we have plenty of resources in this country. If things were spread a little more evenly we could see an end to hunger," she said.

An amazing comment really. She seems not to recognise that she is in fact part of that system which spreads resources more evenly. It is possible of course to redistribute through forced taxation and a bureaucracy and it\’s possible to do it through voluntary action and charity.

Some people will prefer one method and some the other. But to actually be part of one of those methods and not recognise that you are betrays a certain confusion about one\’s place in the world.

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  1. “richest coutry in the world”
    a very common phrase
    I heard obama say it just recetnly in a news cast
    a country that has the largest debt in the world and is on track to have the largest deficit ..

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