It was lonely enough anyway, being the only pig in one of the world\’s most devoutly Muslim countries. And that was before swine flu.

The white pig, a resident of Kabul Zoo, and believed to be the only such animal in a country where pork and pig-related products are illegal for religious reasons, has been placed in quarantine over fears it could spread the virus.

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  1. I don’t know if it remains the case, but Israel announced early on in the outbreak that they were not going to call it Swine Flu (apart from anything else, it’s not, and the WHO are not using that nomenclature either) but because of the cultural dietary sensitivity to pork were going to call it Mexican Flu.

  2. I suppose their are no qualified doctors, zoologists or biologists in Afghanistan either. Such stupidity is amazing. Such ignorance is shocking.

  3. “Such stupidity is amazing. Such ignorance is shocking.”

    Indeed. Though I note you left out the word ‘surprising’….

  4. I’m with Mark Steyn; ‘Mexican flu’ is offensive to Mexicans, and should be replaced with ‘undocumented flu.’

    Cabalamat: but universal among non-believers. (Just as true as your statement, which you probably think is clever, whereas I know mine isn’t.)

  5. From all accounts, it’s no worse then a cold in the heed, so we don’t have to call it anything.

    How many rudely healthy people coming out of hospitals does it take, to convince us that this is not a killer disease?

  6. It’s a godsend to the world’s authorties and governments. Something for which they cannot be blamed, where they can make a big play about “doing something” and prove the importance of their existance to us fragile mortals. Also a nice distraction from their own various cock-ups and messes. And if it turns out to not to be a huge problem afterall they can claim the credit for that too.

  7. I agree Bruce, it is indeed a godsend. But it will lead to trouble in the future, because the next time they cry wolf, no-one will take it seriously.

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