I didn\’t know this

Or had forgotten it at least:

In 1983 Ms Kirkbride became a researcher for Yorkshire Television and she went on to work as a producer for BBC News and Current Affairs and then the ITN Parliamentary Unit.

She was a political correspondent for the Daily Telegraph from 1992-6 during which time her then partner Stephen Milligan, the Conservative MP for Eastleigh, was found dead at his home.

Mr Milligan, who was wearing stocking at the time of his death, was thought to have died when an autoerotic experience went tragically wrong.

Ms Kirkbride remained dignified during the tragedy and went on to become social affairs editor of the Sunday Telegraph from 1996 until 1997 when she became an MP.

(From PA)

Bit of a politics groupie really. Stepping out with one MP, marries another, becomes one herself….

What was that people were saying about a professional political class?

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  1. Christingle is mainly an Anglican thing rather than RC. In fact I was under the impression that all the money collected went to the Church of England Children’s Society.

    Returning to Stephen Milligan, what I have always remembered about that was the rather contemptible way that some copper couldn’t resist his chance for a moment of fame. Normally they wait until the inquest before releasing details of a death like this, but in his case they issued an announcement mentioning “unusual circumstances”, which coupled with the words “Conservative MP” served as a magnet to the press. I normally think of myself as fanatically pro free speech but I could not see any good reason for a government employee to breach the usual procedures that offer some pause at least for the relatives to get over the shock. The only justification seemed to be that he was a Tory and back then the press were in circling-shark mode with respect to the Tories – things might be different now.

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