In praise of Polly Toynbee

Full marks to her here:

Rumblings suggest they may, as the latest poll has Labour at 19%, neck and neck with Ukip for fourth place.

We\’ve had so many snide remarks and references from the columnar classes. Michael White wrote about a council by election in Hartlepool and said we came fourth. We came second. A Times leader said we had "imploded". Sam Coates at The Times claimed that we weren\’t even going to stand in these elections. The Sun carried their own poll and the online version was rewritten to remove any reference to UKIP.

But here we have someone simply reading the polls and reporting what they say. A welcome step forward.

Oh, and if I might just add?

If you are in the London region and you vote on June 4 th for UKIP then you\’ll be voting in part for me, your jovial and avuncular blog host. There will have to be an awful lot of you who do to get me elected but that\’s a good thing, not bad.

I wonder if I might be able to persuade Polly herself?

9 thoughts on “In praise of Polly Toynbee”

  1. Being pedantic (because it concerns Polly)-

    So which three parties are are ahead of UKIP and Labour for them to be in joint fourth?

    Tim adds: Actually, in this specific poll, Lib Dem, Labour and UKIP all on 19%, Tories ahead.

  2. >Tim adds: Actually, in this specific poll, Lib Dem, Labour and UKIP all on 19%, Tories ahead.

    But that makes UKIP equal second, not equal fourth!

  3. Aye, but it’s a competition for 4th place. If Labour gets 4th, that means UKIP didn’t, they’re neck and neck in the opinion polls, but a vote of that scale isn’t going to get a clear tie in the way the polls indicate, even if the difference is a handful of votes.

  4. What would be truly glorious would be for Labour to poll 19% in the upcoming General Election. That would (due to the lopsided psephological see-saw of the British system) condemn them to be a rump party with seats in the low double figures, or possibly even wipe them out altogether. Sadly there seems to be a hard floor of support from retards (known in political science circles as the Richard Murphy Coefficient) that will support them no matter what.

  5. So what are UKIP’s policies on digital rights issues, such as extension of copyright, software patents, proposed 3-strikes laws, etc?

    I looked on the UKIP website, but couldn’t find anything.

    Tim adds: UKIP was one of the parties voting against software patents in the EU Parliament. So that’s that settled. We’ve not got policy at the detailed level over copyright extension and 3 strikes laws but as I’d be one of those writing them if we did…..we’re against both.

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