Incentives matter

In 2007, 1.26 million fixed penalties were issued, down 370,000 or 23 per cent, from the previous year, according to figures in a Home Office document.

Until April 2007 police and local authorities kept a proportional share of fines in order to pay for more cameras. Since this period however, they have received a fixed amount in order to pay for all aspects of road safety.

First lesson in economics that. Incentives matter.

1 thought on “Incentives matter”

  1. “A spokesman for the Department for Transport said: “Safety cameras are there to save lives, not make money. Independent research has shown there are 1,745 fewer deaths and serious injuries at camera sites each year.”

    – They keep trotting this one out despite knowing that their own studies show that they are overstating the case by some 80% as the headline figures always omit a correction for Reversion To The Mean.

    “The Government is clear that the best safety camera is the one which takes no fines at all, but succeeds in deterring drivers from speeding.”

    – In which case, why don’t they replace cameras with Vehicle Activated Signs? These, according to the Transport and Road Laboratory, are four times more effective in slowing traffic than cameras.

    No… It’s not about the money… ROFL.

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