Letter of the Day

In the Telegraph:

SIR – It will be interesting to read the published diary of Gordon Brown.

Tuesday. Woke up. Saved the world. Went to bed.

Wednesday. Dealt with Prime Minister\’s Questions brilliantly, to deafening applause from both sides of the House.

Thursday. Explained to world leaders how I\’d saved the world earlier in the week. They thanked me, and acknowledged they would try to follow my exceptional example.

Friday. Perfected my already endearing smile to devastating effect. It now captures the hearts of the entire country.

Saturday. Tony rang me to accept that he was never half the leader I proved to be, and that he was responsible for the recession from which I saved the world.

Phil Bailey
Crickhowell, Powys

1 thought on “Letter of the Day”

  1. it captures the present leader of the government to a t. It is not at all satirical: it is fact.

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