On Julie Kirkbride

If Iain honestly think that Kirkbride’s treatment will put women off going into politics he doesn’t give us much credit does he?. In fact I reckon there is a good couple of million women, with kids, out there, that right this minute are thinking ‘cheeky fucking bitch, that’ll teach you’.

9 thoughts on “On Julie Kirkbride”

  1. I am totally disgusted at the way Julie Kirkbride has been treated, and very upset that she has given in to those thugs and and bullies who have been hounding her. I do not know this woman, but she seems very sincere and hard working. M.P.s should have been paid far more and this mess would not have come about. I earn more than an M.P. as a head teacher in a small school, get lots of holidays and do not have to put up with the nasty intrusion of the press who are total hypocrits.

  2. MPs are quite magnificent. They justify my income tax on their own. I would willingly sell my house and all of it’s contents to help Julie Kirkbride.

  3. I agree with the previous three commentators, but I feel you don’t go far enough.

    It’s always being hard for women to get into parliament and it became impossible in the 1980s.

    Unless men are immediately disenfranchised, then women will forever remain under-represented in the Commons and the top echelons of the Royal family, and women represent 99.99% of the population after all.

  4. Julie Kirkbride is one of the more pulchritudinous adornments that Parliament currently posseses, so it is a bit said. At my age she isn’t so much a MILF as a SOCYORIAWAFILF*.

    * slightly older cousin you only run into at weddings and funerals

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