On the subject of our new Poet Laureate

I have to admit, there are times when I feel terribly middle aged, past it, outside the zeitgeist.

Which of course I am.

Our new Poet Lareaute (ummm, I belive actually it is Lizzie\’s new one, but let that pass) is, so I am told by varied newspapers, a lesbian. I am also told by others that she has two children, sired in a more traditional manner than the turkey baster.

And this is what makes me old fashioned I think. None of this is something I care about. Quite literally, I do not give a shit.

That you be Prime Minister, trumpeter in the local band or poet bard for the nation, I care not how you desire to clash gonads.

The Prime Ministering, yes, I care about, as I  do the trumpeting and the barding.

So, the poetry going to be any good?

I hope so, Hurrah!




2 thoughts on “On the subject of our new Poet Laureate”

  1. Agree completely. So does everyone else I think. I live in a village in an area that used to do coal mining and hasn’t done much since. The ladies green champion in the bowling club is gay. Nobody gives a f*ck. This is real progress. I can’t stand the PC brigade, but maybe they are the ones who have brought this about?

  2. Don’t object to her poetry, but I hate hearing her reading her work on the radio. She sounds like Fred Scuttle, and it ruins the experience for me.

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