On womanhood

switch places with one of us for a day. I’ll even be generous and let you switch with a Western woman, instead of one of the many down-trodden of the Third World. Then you’ll discover just how lovely it is (what with our living longer and not topping ourselves and not providing for the family) to do things like menstruate, give birth, endure the menopause, have every bad mood or irritable moment ascribed to PMT, be deliberately wound up and then called ’shrill,’ represent irrationality personified, and suffer the indignity of losing one’s husband in middle age to a younger model.

Jeebus. I didn\’t realise that all that was likely to happen on just one day.

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  1. She’s got the accounting wrong. Surely she should balance “the indignity of losing one’s husband in middle age to a younger model” against “the opportunity to marry a prosperous middle-aged man who is already house-trained”.

  2. Oh Christ. Every time I hear one of these whiney-ass ‘feminists’ bitch about their biology and the social consequences thereof I have a two word response.

    Military. Service.

    Pick up a gun, some combat boots and find out what a lot of men HAVE to do.

    Then STFU.

  3. Reminds me of that old song Ken Dodd used to sing:

    “A Penis.
    A Penis.
    The greatest gift that i possess …”

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Pamela – “Pick up a gun, some combat boots and find out what a lot of men HAVE to do.”

    Except so few men have to do this. We have gone from a situation you can still see in Papua New Guinea for instance – where the men still habitually walk with weapons while the women doing the carrying because they expect to be attacked – to British suburbia. The modern world has been good to men. We don’t get called up much any more. When we do, few of us get called up. When we do go to war, few of us die or get wounded.

    The fact is, as good as the modern world has been for women, it has probably got better for men faster.

  5. If life expectancy is used as a measure then women do indeed have an easier life.

    Whether spending those extra years in an Alzhemers ward is worth it I will leave others to judge.

  6. Pamela – Lots of women do perform military service. Look at Israel, for example, where it is compulsory for both sexes. The thing is, military service doesn’t obviate any of the ‘whiney-ass’ stuff I pointed out; female soldiers still have to deal with all of that, as well as get shot at.

  7. I have never once in my life ascribed a woman’s mood swings or obnoxiousness to hormones. However, I have on many occasions witnessed a woman being thoroughly obnoxious and afterwards claiming that it’s not her fault and she can’t be blamed for her behaviour because it’s her hormones and any man who tries to claim that she should exercise some self-control is a sexist pig.

    Perhaps my experiences are not representative.

  8. Bella,

    I assume the reason you’re responding this way to being wound up is that you just had a hard day down the coal mine with your fellow lady miners.

    I had a look at the web site you referenced. They do appear to be quite unusually whiny about the sexual discrimination thing, indeed they look a bit like a male version of feminists (and how do you like *that* mirror?), but I’m not convinced they’re making the generalisation you seem to think.

    What they seem to be complaining about is actual examples of pro-female sexual discrimination, especially when done in the name of sexual ‘equality’. Men were convinced decades ago of the justice of the case for equality. But having done so, they expect *equality*, not for it to be applied selectively. It’s a minor matter for most men, not worth making a fuss about, but if Harriet is going to bring the subject up…

    I don’t think they intend to say that life for women is a bed of roses. What they are saying is that discrimination can and sometimes does go the other way, but that Harriet evinces no obvious interest in redressing or even acknowledging any of that, and this demonstrates her to be a female-biased sexist. In this brave new world of sexual equality, women can be sexists, too.

    Most women I know aren’t like her, and think examples of anti-male sexism as senseless as anti-female, if they think about the issue at all. That war was won more than twenty years ago, and the young no longer even understand what the older generation are talking about, let alone care. Making a fuss about it now is seen as a sign of being out of touch and out of date.

    Life is still crap, for everyone, and some features of that are sex-linked, for both sexes. They always will be. Seeking special sympathy for them, though, will only make you look shrill and emotional and easily wound up. And that would be *bad*, wouldn’t it?

    Tim adds: If I might just butt in? I was, as sadly I so often do, commenting rather more on the a tad inelegant connection between “one day” and all of those horrors that women might undergo.

    If I was actually to concentrate on all those horrors that women do undergo I would of course remark upon those that middle aged men similarly suffer.

    Shit, damn thing worked overtime when I couldn’t get the babes but now that I can afford the car to get them it seems to be on strike……

  9. To adapt an old bumper sticker (after Pamela):

    If you can read, thank a woman. If you can read English, thank a man.

  10. @shouldbeworking



    I am the last woman on the planet to deny mood changes due to hormones. I’m 57. Been there, done that, got the hot flashes. But biology is biology and there’s no point in bitching about it or making people around you miserable. To politicize it in order to further some feminist agenda is more than counter-productive. At its core it is about contempt for men that is appalling.

    Yes, I know Israeli women have compulsory military service. And many American women serve in the military and although technically they aren’t allowed in combat roles, in truth we have female Navy pilots making bombing runs and female gunners an A10s.

    What I want if for THESE sorry-ass excuses for women to learn how to take and return live fire.

    While they have cramps.

    Sorry, but this crap just gets my back up.

  11. On shrewhood…:

    It’s nothing to do with being female or feminist — this person is just an antisocial troll without class or manners.

  12. Pamela – ever thought about using your big mouth to compain for womens rights to fight on the front line?

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