Piggie piggie!

Snout caught in the trough again!

A LABOUR peer who lives in the East End of London has claimed about £100,000 in parliamentary expenses on a flat in Kent that neighbours say has been unoccupied for years.


Residents from the five other flats in the same block as Uddin’s property all say they have never seen her there. They could see through the windows that the bedrooms were unfurnished.


Last weekend, hours after The Sunday Times had challenged Uddin about her “main residence”, the baroness’s BMW 4×4 car was spotted at the Maidstone flat and members of her family arrived.

A plumber who went into the flat to help the family with a broken boiler said: “It looked like they were just moving in. They told me they were just moving in.” By Sunday night, curtains covered the windows, a light was on in the hall and a mat was placed outside the front door.


One thing that annoys: I\’m more likely to get into trouble for comparing a Muslim to a pig than the Baroness is to get into trouble for getting her snout in the trough.

Excellent spot by Wolfie in the comments!

From her web site:

My Backyard

I have a great sense of belonging to the East End which has been my home for over thirty years.  This historical part of London can always acclaim the highest moral ground for embracing the richness of our cultural, social and religious diversity. The tenacity of our people continue to amaze me every day, the Champion of yesteryears have moved on to acquire social and political status leaving grand legacies which has been taken on and continued by the successful Bangladeshi communities in the true honour bound tradition of the east enders.

Tower Hamlets has not only been my home, it is where my professional and political career has taken shape, where my children have grown up, and also where I served as a local councillor for 8 years.

Case closed M\’Lud



9 thoughts on “Piggie piggie!”

  1. “One thing that annoys: I’m more likely to get into trouble for comparing a Muslim to a pig than the Baroness is to get into trouble for getting her snout in the trough.”

    Oh, I don’t know. I think we might be fast reaching the tipping point where the old ‘multicultural’ idea is now so debased, no-one’s listening anymore.

    Everyone can see that this is pure, naked greed at the expense of the public purse, and where her colour or religion might once have been her shield against legitimate criticism, not any more.

    But then, that’s how it should always have been, shouldn’t it? Hell, even MLK thought so!

  2. Glad to see that she is doing her bit for so-called ‘climate change’ with her Beemer.

    What the Hell is this stupid woman doing in the HoL in the first place? She’s never held a proper job – just the standard merry-go-round of tractor production statistics in Tower Hamlets, an impoverished pigsty.

    How very appropriate that she’s now exposed at being very good at rooting out the truffles.

    Aloo Akhbar, Uddin, I hope that you enjoy reading the papers today – and for eternity – as your shameless troughing is exposed.

  3. Interesting that on her personal website she repeatedly claims that she has lived in Tower Hamlets for 30 years, her family were all raised there blah blah. So her claim that her empty flat in Maidstone is her main residence is fraudulent pure and simple. I am writing to HMRC to ask to be kept informed of the progress of their investigation

  4. I doubt if the IT staff are tremendously sharp over at Uddin’s place. The blog has ~one post per year until, ummm…., Jan 2005.

    Not exactly Worstall-like output levels.

  5. People are going to be most cheesed off by the way the establishment will rally round to ensure there is no criminal investigation. And that really stinks.

    If, as it appears, she has claimed for this house without ever living in it, she ought to be charged with fraud. And the reports of frantic efforts to move into the place over the weekend just make it all much worse.

  6. It also needs to be mentioned that the noble Lord in living in subsidised council accomodation in Tower Hamlets thus keeping some really deserving case in bed & breakfast, there’s socialism for you

  7. She robbed the “hard working families” that labour says it cares so much about, who pay the tax money that she took. She denied a genuinely needy family the subsidised home she and her family occupy. Has she no shame? How can she look her children in the eye? Is there no end to her greed for money that she is otherwise incapable of earning? She has never done a real productive job in her life. She must be stripped of her title, which she did nothing to deserve, sued for return of ALL the money that she stole and bankrupted she cannot/will not pay up. She must be tried for theft and if guilty, she must be jailed. We cannot continue to have this corruption from our so-called leaders. How low can these people sink? The tax authority MUST look into any claim that she makes on the sale of the Maidstone property because it is not her principal home and so is not entitled to any tax exemption.

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