Piggy, piggy, piggy

Some of the things that these MP\’s are claiming for. Sheesh.

Phil Woolas, the Home Office Minister, claimed for items of women\’s clothing, tampons and nappies.

Just think through that. The allowances system is to cover the extra costs. The extra costs of needing to maintain two homes.

Babies don\’t shit any more, women don\’t menstruate any more, because they live in two places not one.

Just what sort of contortions would you have to go through to think that these items are extra costs of your being an MP?

Hang them all and be done with it.

4 thoughts on “Piggy, piggy, piggy”

  1. Not an admirer of Woolas, but the Telegraph may have misrepresented him here. He claims that he claimed for food, which was on the same receipt as the other stuff, but that he did not claim for the women’s clothing etc.

  2. Why on earth are they allowed to claim for food? You still eat the same amount of food as you would if you weren’t in parliament.

    And I am glad the Telegraph has gone into print with the uncensored version, because knowledge of which residence was being claimed for highlights what they tried to hide- that whenever expensive work was required at either house, they would “flip” and declare it their second home. So the taxpayer would have to pay for their repairs.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Maybe it is not for his wife?

    Some men just don’t like to live, and sleep, alone.

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