Or, umm, Scaletrx? Scale…, I don\’t know how to spell it either.

Anyway, those of who were indeed boys at one point will remember the joy of being the junior petrolhead. The placing together of the track, the creation of impossible hairpin bends and the like.

And. of course, those who weren\’t those boys and junior petrolheads will wonder what in tarnation I\’m talking about. Which is useful of course. No, really. For VW have, as part of the ad campaign (yup, this is an ad) for the new version of the Golf GTi, created a virtual Scaletrix Scalectrix track for us all to try.

You can access all the fun and games here. One hint, click on the white coat to let you in.

A second one, don\’t enter on a little computer. This is a memory hog.


Ladeeees and gennlemen, start your engiines please!


This is a paid advertisement for, umm, I guess, VW UK.

3 thoughts on “Scalectrix!”

  1. Never had one. I was given the Triang Minic slot-car set.
    It had racing, but you could also get a police car, fire engine (both with lights) and could integrate it with the electric train set with a level crossing.
    And arrange accidents at the crossing.

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