I\’ve only ever had one proper screaming argument with an animal rights activist. That was a great night. It was at a student party. She told me she believed animal lives to be worth just as much as human lives. I told her she was the most apathetically selfish person I\’d ever met.

“Because if that place down the road was selling Kentucky Fried Person,” I explained, “I\’d probably firebomb it. Not just sit here whingeing, with a spliff and a can of Skol.”

6 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. I think there might be an analogy with the firebombing of abortion clinics, or more those who don’t firebomb abortion clinics.

  2. Puts me in mind me of a woman I met at a miner’s benefit night back in the eighties, when I was proving the theory that leftie birds are better looking & put out easier.
    When she invited me back to her 4 bed house in a fashionable London suburb the place was full of cardboard boxes. Apologising, she told me she was the organiser for Food Parcels for the Miners Families.Whilst she was in the kitchen grilling feta on ciabatta & uncorking a cold bottle of Chablis I treated myself to a snoop in the boxes.
    Enjoying our tasty feast preparatory to getting down to some serious work on the leather sofa I couldn’t resist asking he what she thought mothers without much shopping money would be feeding their kids? Seeing her baffled expression I explained about the inevitability of rice & baked beans, tinned sausages & corned beef, cheap biscuits & jam. Would your kids want to eat that? So why do you send them boxes of more of the same…..?

    The sofa still got some heavy use though :¬)

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  5. It’s unnecessary to invest enough of one’s emotional capital into a conversation with an eco-freak or radical Leftist to turn it into a a screaming ‘argument’. Oh, there will be screaming all right, but only from one side. I have found that adopting a disdainful de haut en bas attitude with these mongs is almost invariably sufficient to goad them into near apoplexy. They constantly want to be engaged on the substance of their argument, which of course is somewhat like arguing the finer points of Maxwell’s equations with a Brussels sprout. It’s a bit cruel, I suppose, but they do rather bring it on themselves.

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