Teh Awsome

This is just so great.

Read the comments.

H/T Gary.

4 thoughts on “Teh Awsome”

  1. Best comment was by bitoclass: “Shame they’ve chickened out.

    I thought they might’ve been replying homeopathically: after 10^400 questions had been asked, they’d give one answer.”

  2. Barnsters: “I’ve been soaking a £20 note in a bathfull of water for the last few days, is it ok to pay for an order using my new homeopathic money? I now seem to have rather a lot of it.”

    Xtal Dave: “How about we try barnsters Idea?

    I dropped my switch card in a pint of beer over the weekend. I retrieved it, and naturally finished the aforementioned beer
    Am I right in thinking that I now *ahem* excrete homeopathic money?
    Could I be the goose that laid the (homeopathic) golden egg?

    Maybe I should start saving up for Mr Hay’s course. I could make a deposit after lunch.”


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