The Michael White defence

Allegra Stratton makes the point on GU today. The trouble is, so far as I can tell, the Telegraph isn\’t telling us about the good guys. Its list of errant cabinet ministers – 14 in all – includes three current non-cabinet members (Prescott, Beckett and Caroline Flint).

Does that mean that half the Brown cabinet is so far beyond reproach that not even the Torygraph can concoct a flimsy case against them, as it did against several named yesterday, Brown probably included (says me).

Only half the Cabinet are lying, cheating spivs.


So that\’s all right then.

9 thoughts on “The Michael White defence”

  1. I wonder if he made the same defense of either Mr. Major or Mrs Thatchers cabinets- and it would appear that either of them were more honest than this lot.

  2. typical labour/liberal Conspiracy response..the governing party have been shown to be duplicitous but the opposition are just as bad.

  3. The Telegraph pointed out that Harman couldn’t fiddle the second home expenses because, as an Inner London MP, she’s not allowed to claim for a second home. The major fiddling is probably on salaries for kith and kin and it would be very difficult to prove that the employees are grossly overpaid except for the odd case like the chap with the two boys away at University.

  4. All it means is that the other members were swindling in different ways. Gordon Brown did his embezzling via the Smith Institute, so that doesn’t count as fiddling the expenses.

  5. Phew…. this scandal hasn’t been good for insiders has it. They seem to feel forced to support some very unwholesome behaviour.

  6. That would be Michael Whiter than White, guffaw.

    He makes Comical Ali look credible. Even the good folks of the Guardian CIF Parish, including many lefties, fry him every time he writes something.

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