Tim Worstall\’s considered opinion on the MPs\’ expenses



No, still knitting.


Tee Hee.


Is that a tumbril I spy?

*knit, knit, knit*

Who\’s making the popcorn?


My, I think that is a tumbril.

*knit, knit, knit*

6 thoughts on “Tim Worstall\’s considered opinion on the MPs\’ expenses”

  1. are you watching QT? The hostility of the audience, and its effect on Beckett’s face, is a delight to behold

  2. So some jumped-up bell-hops have been helping themselves to th’Expensives.

    A trivial amount of money in the scale of things, and I haven’t seen anyone drawing comparisons with the broad and placid river of peculation that is the EU, for instance, or with ditto in our wonderful Public Services.

    So a quoi bon sert-il, mes tricoteuses, this fit of petulance on the part of th, er, People.

  3. The only problem with this is that UKIP MEPs have adapted quite well to the perks and sinecures of being MEPs, to the extent that the next EU financial scandal involving MEPs and perks will find some UKIP snouts in the trough.


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