Sucking at the public teat and getting caught:

Now Spitalfields Housing Association, the owners of the three-bedroom house, has engaged lawyers to examine whether she should be allowed to continue renting in Wapping, according to Inside Housing, a trade magazine.

Legally a tenant with an assured or secure tenancy must live in the social home as their “only or principal home”, meaning that she could have breached her tenancy. Lady Uddin is understood to share a joint tenancy on the home with her husband.

Omar Mapara, chief executive of Spitalfields Housing Association, said: “We have written to her requesting that she confirms that she and her husband continue to occupy our property as their only or principal home and we await a response.”

5 thoughts on “Uddin Udders”

  1. Perhaps you could ask Spitalfields Housing Association for more details. Some names for you to try are:

    * Faruque Uddin—Housing Officer

    * Abdus Uddin—Assistant Maintenance Officer

    * Ala Uddin—Vice-Chair [of the Board of Management]

  2. Fortunately the BBC allows us a transcript of this programme where the good baroness discusses her “life and work”. In addition to her talent for . . er . . imaginative expense claims she is an exemplary Labour race-hustler and grievance monger. As only someone like Joan Bakewell could remark in the interview – “well Baroness Uddin – that certainly challenges the stereotype of Muslim women and the sort of lives they lead”.

  3. Well. I have to say, the public sector are even more disgusting than I thought.

    And that’s saying something.

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