Umm, India dear?

Breastfeeding is a very lovely thing, but if you’re a J cup at the time (no, not me; a friend. I swear) and in public, it takes on a rather “it’s showtime” aspect. Yes, I know it’s society’s fault for seeing breasts as sex things rather than food things, but that doesn’t make it any more comfortable for the woman in the cafe with the bosoms larger than her head, frankly.

Breasts are a sex thing, not a food thing.

Our various ape and monkey cousins all lactate just as we do but they don\’t have breasts. Small breasts lactate just like large ones do. Tits are entirely about sex, not food.

2 thoughts on “Umm, India dear?”

  1. This is also yet another example of someone who would no doubt happily look down on the ignorant hicks who refuse to accept evolution blaming a clear case of instinct on “society”.

  2. “A food thing” eh?

    India is talking rubbish. Most men and women know full well that tits are a very eroginous zone.

    I have had many many girlfriends and the majority need stimulation of the “above” genital area in order to prompt the release of the necessary lubrication to the vagina.

    Kissing lips, neck, back etc are all part of the foreplay but the breasts and nipples are a much more effective part of the sexual act.

    There is more but you would have to read my book about it.

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