Yes! This is indeed the solution!

MPs second home allowances. How to deal with it once and for all.

…the best solution I’ve heard yet regarding the controversial Second Homes Allowance. Just make MPs eligible for housing benefit in London. It is, after all, enough. Isn’t it?

Even socialists have good ideas sometimes……

4 thoughts on “Yes! This is indeed the solution!”

  1. I’ve got no problem with the second home system per-se, it’s just that the MP retains ownership of the second home once they leave office. This seems slightly silly, as they’d no longer need it…

    What I would suggest is that the constituency purchases a second home in London for their MP, and acts as a landlord:- maintaining the home, but allowing the MP to live there free of charge.

  2. simple publication of expenses claims (including of course detail of houses etc. claimed for) should be enough- if the electorate are happy then all’s well. Of course a means of recalling MPs for re-election should the electorate become unhappy between general elections would considerably re-inforce this.
    As to salary, the principle stated by Mr. Cook that pay should be sufficiently high to attract able people, but not so high as to attract people for purely pecuniary advantage seems right. The present fixed salary is a considerable financial reward for anyone in middle management, and a pittance to a millionaire. I would suggest that an MP’s salary be say a 10% rise on his pre-election income (based on his tax returns), less any earnings from whilst he is an MP.

  3. I would suggest that an MP’s salary be say a 10% rise on his pre-election income

    Politicians have used the vocational aspect of professions like teaching and nursing as an excuse for underpayment. They assert that such people made a choice that means they earn less than their friends but they get a greater, less tangible, reward.

    Why then do MPs need to get what they would get in ‘comparable professions’ (if such a thing actually exists)?

    In trade unions it is common for reps and negotiators to have their wages linked to the average pay for their union. That helps to concentrate minds. By the same token, it might be fairer to link MPs wages to the national average.

    But certainly, the guff being talked about how it’ll become a ‘millionaires parliament’ without high wages is absurd. On 60K plus expenses there’s plenty to live on, and room to lead the way in that public sector restraint they keep telling the rest of us to engage in.

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