BBC expenses


Jana Bennett, the BBC\’s television chief, claimed almost £2,000 in expenses for flowers – including £100 on a congratulatory bouquet for Jonathan Ross as he considered his £18 million contract.

Bennett, who earns £406,000 a year, sent Ross the flowers in May 2006 as he considered the controversial three-year deal, which she helped to put together as director of television.

The previous month she claimed £55 for the cost of meeting over a meal to discuss the contract.

In June 2005 she claimed £85.25 for a pair of engraved Tiffany cufflinks for the star.

All of those would pass muster in a commercial organisation. They do rather grate though in one funded by government extortion (aka tax).

Why don\’t we take Polly up on her idea of offering a subscription option for the BBC: then they can have their salaries, their cufflinks and flowers….if, of course, people wish to pay for them.

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