Breaking News!

Oh, boy, this is going to be great.

No, really, just superb.

We\’re going to have a new version of \”Ode to Joy\” that we can all use as our referral for the upcoming European Union anthem. Should be a corker.

The unlikely sound of ukuleles will take over one of Britain\’s largest classical musical festivals this summer, with an orchestra of the mini guitars performing Beethoven\’s \”Ode to Joy\” in a play-along special.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB), sporting tuxedos and brandishing \”bonsai guitars,\” will perform on a stage usually reserved for the world\’s greatest symphony musicians.

They are calling on other \’uke\’ players to come to the concert and play along in a performance likely to be more reminiscent of George Formby than Beethoven.

Oh yes. And they want you, yes, you, to get a uke and go along and help. Details here. A version here.

Will our continental partners be all that happy with this rather gentle piss taking?

UOGB are of course the people who brought us this:

Please, let\’s make this the official version to be used in the Parliament!

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  1. those chaps are a phenomenon; sold out the main hall at the sage last year. Their Batley Working Men’s Club of Wuthering Heights is the one that makes me go all misty eyed though

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