Chocolate Moose?

The lavish spreads offered up by the author\’s Jewish grandmother and later descriptions of \”heaping plates of waffles with cream and strawberries\” and \”mouth watering chocolate moose\”, make it abundantly clear that Sasha Abramsky loves to eat and understands that food is one of our greatest sources of pleasure.

It also shows that one of the two of you cannot spell.

These people, some illegal and some not, who perform backbreaking work in the fields, receive wages so low that, despite putting in double shifts that sometimes start as early as 5:00am and end at midnight, they are still unable to adequately nourish themselves or their children.

You what?

Someone is seriously suggesting that a full time (or in fact, more than full time if those numbers are to be believed) worker in the US cannot afford to eat?

Sorry folks, I just don\’t believe it.

From another column, here\’s the number:

Trust me, while you can do it if you spend an awful lot of time planning out meals and collecting sale-coupons, living on $50 a week for food, week in and week out, is mighty tight. You won\’t starve, but you certainly won\’t eat well.

What? You can eat well (if not high on the hog, to be sure) on that. Be a lot of pulses and grains, be checking the bargain lane at WalMart, but come on, we\’re talking about a food budget of seven times what some 1 billion people have as their entire daily income.

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  1. My food budget is over twice the amount quoted and I still plan my meals carefully. It’s basic management of money and resources and was recommended to me by my parents.

    By doing this, I am able to eat very nicely, shop once a week, and save money for the non-necessity items that I like to have. It also means I have to throw away very little food.

    I don’t do this for “green” reasons, I just hate wasting food.

  2. Are food prices higher in the US than the UK?

    The average food expenditure in the UK is about £33/person-week, which is about US$55. (Isn’t it amazing what the government collects statistics on?)

    You can certainly eat well for less. You can survive on a lot less (as I know from experience).

    Of course, if that’s $49/week spread across you, your partner, and your six children, then that’s a different matter…

  3. This report is absolute balderdash on stilts – America is the only place in the world where the poor are generally overweight. If they can’t ‘nourish’ themselves, how can this be so?

    Perhaps if the ‘poor’ were to spend a little less on cigarettes and beer the food would become more affordable.

    Watch an episode of Cops to see how poor ‘the poor’ are in the United States.

  4. Chocolate mice are nice too. Especially the white chocolate “milky bar” ones.

    For less than £15, you can buy a 10lb bag of taters, a 2lb bag of carrots, a big turnip, a 2lb bag of onions, a cauli, two large wholemeal sliced, a large pack of Cathedral cheddar (mild or strong as you like), a tin of corned beef, a pound of loose tomatoes, bunch of scallions, iceberg lettuce, 2 litres of bleach and nine toilet rolls. We just did. Bought some sweets and biscuits too.

    If you want to know if people are really unable to afford food, look at the price of flour, bread, pasta, rice, eggs, butter, sugar, frozen cuts of meat like New Zealand Lamb, mince, braising steak, and the fresh vegetables. Especially stuff in season.

    And then watch them buying microwave ready cheeseburgers for their kids.

  5. Reading the comments on the article, it is truely amazing what some people will believe and then cite previously discredited books as further “evidence” for such beliefs.

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