Cognitive dissonance

Geoffrey Lean:

For the mountains – or rather the measures taken against the main grain one – proved a godsend to Britain\’s fast disappearing farmland birds. Sadly, though, they now face being plunged back into crisis, and ministers seem about to reject a rescue plan. That well-known countryman Lord Mandelson may be partly to blame.

Essentially, set aside led to the recovery of farmland bird populations.

OK, fair enough.

Now we\’ve abolished set aside and we shouldn\’t, for farmland birds will disappear again.

Again, fair enough.

However, is this the same Geoffrey Lean who insists that farming should go all organic? You know, that more land hungry system which would leave even less land for the birds?

I think it might be you know…..

3 thoughts on “Cognitive dissonance”

  1. Um, no. Just because the birds aren’t where this loon (‘scuse the pun) is expecting to see them doesn’t mean there are fewer birds. They’ve just gone elsewhere.

    Really, he wants all farming to be organic? Does he know ANYTHING about water, let alone land?

  2. On the other hand, and I have don’t have any data to hand and am not interested enough to look it up, but I work with people in the Agricultural sector a lot and they’re all unrelentingly hostile to organic farming on all but one ground – that it does lead to a greater abundance of wildlife.

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