Councils warned the cost would be passed to taxpayers unless they are allocated additional funds

Where in buggery do they think additional finds would come from if not the taxpayers?

5 thoughts on “Cretins”

  1. They mean those magic Westminster pennies, that grow on trees.
    Not the proper pennies from local council taxpayers, who might get upset and shout at us in the street and not vote for us at the next council election.

  2. “He said councils should be considering stopping sending waste to landfill.

    “We need to rethink the way we deal with waste – we must see it as a resource, not a problem. “

    I thought we looked down on the Third World countries that regarded waste as a resource?

    All those pictures of cute brown moppets rooting through trashpiles to squeeze more charity money out of people, and all that…

  3. “…Richard Swannell, director of retail and organics at the Government’s waste watchdog WRAP, said that in areas where separate food collections have already been introduced people have reported a high level of satisfaction.”

    Oh, WRAP! *slaps forehead* I might have known…

    Do people really express satisfaction with the concept of having a reeking food waste bucket in the house? Really…?

  4. I asked my council if they had considered the cost of the extra burden on the resident of compulsory recycling in their cost/benefit analysis. The person in charge of that policy sent me the minutes of the meeting – they hadn’t even considered it – so I asked the leader of the council and he answered a completely different question. I actually think one might consider the issue and find it was still a sensible policy, but to not consider it at all…

  5. A solution!

    Since there’s so much money to be made here, all we have to do is require council employees to recycle waste for, say, three days a week.

    Instead of being paid by taxpayers, they can keep all the profits.


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