Damning Dan Hannan*

Whoo, boy, this is a strong piece. And no, I don\’t disagree with a word of it.

Lord Mandelson is destroying Labour for the sake of the EU. He is determined to prop up Gordon Brown until after the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, whatever the cost to his party. See how they operate, these Euro-zealots. They are like Richard Dawkins\’s selfish genes, not caring what happens to their host organisms once they have served their purpose.

This might strike you as a curious way to talk about the Business Secretary. After all, we keep reading that Mandy is a Labour man to his backbone, that the one fixed point on his whirling moral compass is dedication to the party. But his first allegiance, these days, is to Brussels. There is no other way to explain his behaviour over the past month.

Worth noting that Mandy is still getting some £70,000 a year from the European Commission. Yes, really.

*Can anyone come up with a decent phrase here? You know, like Stormin\’ Norman or something. Need a monicker for Dan we do.

10 thoughts on “Damning Dan Hannan*”

  1. Hannans argument would appear to be:

    “I think it would be in Labour’s interests to get rid of Brown, Mandelson has acted to protect Brown, therefore Mandelson must be acting to benefit the EU”

    After all, it is unimagineable that Mandelson might disagree with a Tory MEP about what would do least damage to Labour.

  2. I feel quicker and quicker to reach for the hempen, but your news that Mandelson is still on the EU payroll makes me think of Treason and the Axe.

    Hannan is right. They should all lay their heads on the block.

  3. Mandelson, Gordo, Cameron et al should be tried for treason and executed by being hung drawn and quartered. Never in the history of Great Britian have any traitors done so much to damage our country.

  4. Ad has a point here. The fact that there is a strong consensus among Tory MPs and Tory supporters for ousting Gordon Brown now and having a General Election is evidence for the proposition “Tory supporters would like to have a Tory government”; it isn’t evidence for anything else.

  5. You and your soilsport logic JB. However much Labour may have dibs on Mandlesons current loyalties, his intrests long term are likely to more focused on the EU. They’re the ones paying him a pension that can be taken away for insufficient support.

  6. @9, true, but Mandy’s not a hopeless Kinnock: he’s 10 years off even standard retirement [*], and if he’s not plotting to get something seriously important and seriously paid in the meantime, then he’s been replaced by a changeling. He’s pissed off too many [French] people by being too economically libertarian in Europe [**] to get a seriously major European position, so his best chance lies in the UK and hence in not totally destroying Labour…

    [*] and that’s not even allowing for ‘portrait in the attic’ issues.

    [**] yes, haha, etc – but it’s true.

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