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Dr. Katherine Rake

She leaves the Fawcett Society (those who continually lie to us about the gender pay gap) to head up a Fake Charity.

So far, so normal for those in \”civil society\” who such at the Government\’s teat.

This is good though.

Yesterday her husband said he hoped he was a hands on father. He refused to comment further on his wife\’s remarks, saying: \”I\’ll have to check with her before saying anything.\”

5 thoughts on “Dr. Katherine Rake”

  1. I don’t mind people with PhDs calling themselves “Dr” if they want to, as long as it doesn’t lead anyone to confuse them with medics. If she is to run “the Family and Parenting Institute” I recommend that she drop the “Dr”. Perception is so important, don’t you think?

  2. Dearime: it’s a fuck’s sight harder getting a PhD than an MB. When I were an undergraduate, one of the biggest concerns surrounding the accretion of St. Mary’s Paddington to my alma mater, Imperial College, was how such an academically undemanding discipline as Medicine would adversely impact our intellectual standing. It proved to be ill-founded, but only because they had to raise their game.

    Physicists are smarter than Physicians, on the whole.

  3. That may be true – I still wouldn’t want a physicist performing a heart bypass on any of my family! 🙂

  4. dear doctor rake i am aware it will be october before you acquire your new post as chief executive of family and parenting institute but as both a christian and as a parent i would like to know exactly what your goals and objectives entail as regards the roles of men and women in the UK, and the roles of parents. i am unable to work due to severe heart condition and i also have catteracts in both eyes so i am only partially sited. i also genuinely have a phobia of bridges, steps, stairwells, lifts, esculators, railway platforms etc. anything involving heights basically. when young i used to attend womens liberation workshops in penn wolverhampton, and learnt a great deal from them, to bring about the radical changes as regarding parents and men and women you will need trust and dialogue which is why i want to know what your forthcoming plans and aspirations are and indeed why?
    from alexander warner

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