Excellent news!

Banks which help their customers to avoid paying tax will be targeted by intensive surveillance from HM Revenue & Customs under a new \”name and shame\” regime to be announced by Alistair Darling next week.

The chancellor is understood to have a hit list of UK and international banks which he will invite to sign his new code of conduct on tax which is designed to save the taxpayer billions of pounds lost through legal and complex avoidance schemes.

Be nice to have a list of banks you know will work on your behalf, not the Treasury\’s.

4 thoughts on “Excellent news!”

  1. What’s shameful about helping people keep their cash out of the hands of the Government? Better in my hands, or a charity of my choice, than pissed up the wall on one of Polly’s pet projects.

  2. View from the Solent

    Presumably there’s also a list of those accountants who helped government ministers to avoid paying tax ?

  3. Appears to be very similiar tactics to those used by Obama’s goons to threaten the Chrysler and GM bond holders.

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