Gay liberation

Erotic shame and guilt would be banished, together with socially enforced monogamy and male and female gender roles.

Good luck with that Peter.

Ain\’t gonna happen you know?

2 thoughts on “Gay liberation”

  1. It is surprising that so many apparently intelligent people are satisified with the circularity that the cause of repression is puritanism and the cause of puritanism is repression. Of cause this is not false – chickens really do both lay eggs and hatch from them – but I suppose that abstaining from looking any deeper keeps one free of the taint of evolutionary psychology.

  2. ” Our message was “innovate, don’t assimilate”.

    GLF never called for equality. The demand was liberation. We wanted to change society, not conform to it.”

    Another bunch of social engineers who aren’t satisfied with equal rights after all. They want to take an axe to other peoples standards and norms. Heterosexual family life is offensive to them.

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