Gravy train or what?

GLENYS KINNOCK, the new minister for Europe, has amassed six publicly funded pensions worth £185,000 per year with her husband Neil, the former leader of the Labour party.

They have already received up to £8m of taxpayers’ money in pay and allowances, he as a European commissioner and she as a member of the European parliament.

The pair are already drawing payments from three of their taxpayer-funded pensions. Glenys Kinnock, 64, soon to be elevated to the House of Lords alongside her husband, is collecting a teacher’s pension and from next month is entitled to another from Brussels with an estimated annual value of £48,000.

Lord Kinnock, 67, is receiving one pension as a former MP and a second for his service in Brussels, together worth more than £112,000.


“One has to question whether Lady Kinnock is a suitable minister for Europe. How can she distinguish between the interests of Britain and the interests of the institutions that she and her family have relied upon for their income for so long?”

5 thoughts on “Gravy train or what?”

  1. I’m waiting for the Telegraph or whoever to dig around in MEp expenses. After the scandal at Westminster I’m sure the European Parliament would be an interesting can of worms to open

  2. It’s even better than that. If someone receives a pension from the Fourth Reich, they are obliged to ‘promote the interests of the European Union’ in their professional activities.

    So the Kinnocks, and ‘Lord’ Mandelson, are required to support the Brussels Kleptocracy on pain of forfeiting all those lovely spondulicks.

    Hang the scum.

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