Interesting Polly….

Those, like the Guardian, who wish to keep Conservatism at bay, will hope Labour can still recover.

There\’s a specific view, line, for the whole newspaper.

There is no such line, only public voices and views. ­Editorials and commentators seek to sway opinion – that\’s what we do, basing our views on the evidence as we see it.

There isn\’t a specific view, line, for the whole newspaper.

Pretty good to directly contradict yourself in one article, no?

1 thought on “Interesting Polly….”

  1. My favourite line in the piece was “I continue to fear the worst, but will attempt to restrain Cassandra-like wails of doom”

    Obviously her valiant attempt fails as she spends another 1,000 words wailing.

    Polly’s just a joke columnist and, but as the Guardian doesn’t have a comics page, I suppose she’ll do.

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