Is the BNP racist?

It\’s an odd question to ask, yes, \”is the BNP racist\”?

For of course the BNP is self avowedly racist. It\’s the very core of how they think and what they propose.

So I\’m entirely happy to help those who might be using search engines to find out the truth of this matter, the answer to the question of \”is the BNP racist\” by linking to a site that details both their constitution and exactly how they are indeed vile little racist sickos.

I commend this action to other bloggers.

7 thoughts on “Is the BNP racist?”

  1. The BNP is quite the bastion of collectivism isn’t it?

    Racism aside, looking at their economic policies it is baffling that they are still called a ‘far right’ party (at least in the contemporary left-right spectrum)

  2. Racist? Like the Labour Party, you mean? After all, it beggars belief that Labour extended postal voting, in an easy to fake format, for any reason other than its cheerfully racist view that a subset of its own supporters would prove adept at manipulating it.

  3. I’d just like to point out for readers that the Yorkshire and Humber BNP MEP was elected by South Yorkshire and not by us folks in North Yorkshire. Well, that’s me for the chop if I stray much past Selby but it had to be said

  4. Muslims killed by Labour + Tories + G.W.Bush = 800,000. Muslims killed by the BNP = None. The BNP always opposed the war. I think I know who the racists are.

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