Jeebus Maddy!

Every other modern narrative – communism, socialism, even those that were destructive, such as neoliberalism and fascism –

You mean that communism and socialism were not destructive?

Can we get a little perspective please on the \”destructiveness of neo-liberalism\”?

Even if we assume that everything that is happening now is purely the result of such, we\’re losing a year or two\’s worth of growth. We\’re back to 2006 perhaps in our living standards. Trying to compare that to the decades long stagnation brought about by communism, to the gross poverty of actually existing socialism like Cuba, is simply absurd.

7 thoughts on “Jeebus Maddy!”

  1. Communism was not destructive.

    How does she get dressed in the morning with her head shoved so firmly up her Ar*e?

  2. Odd that she also seems to sneer at those who “retreat into private stories of transformation – cosmetic surgery, makeovers of home and person”. Wouldn’t such a retreat actually represent something of a triumph for market dogma and its championing of private, individual choices?

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