Jeebus, we really do need some help, eh?

The Chancellor suffered fresh embarrassment over his expense claims on Tuesday when he admitted getting his sums wrong over how much money he had over-claimed from the taxpayer.

On Monday The Daily Telegraph disclosed that Mr Darling had claimed a £1,004 service charge bill on his flat in London, which was paid in advance and covered several months when he was living in his grace and favour apartment in Downing Street.

The Chancellor took part in a round of TV interviews in which he "unreservedly apologised" for the error, and said he was going to repay £350. The actual amount he will repay is £668.

As I say, Jeebus.

We actually have as the Chancellor of the Exchequer, as the man in charge of the nation\’s finances, someone who cannot do sums.

A spokesman for the Chancellor said: "He was told the wrong information before he went on the television."

He\’s not even capable of employing someone who can do sums.


4 thoughts on “Jeebus, we really do need some help, eh?”

  1. See, this is where the U.S. and U.K. differ. Your governmental finance types can’t do sums and our governmental finance types can’t do tax forms. Of course, those who can’t do either are now running G.M.

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