Joe Stiglitz on how to solve the crisis

1- To increase the progressivity of the tax system, in particular for high and very high incomes. This should happen in a coordinated way to avoid excessive movement of highly-skilled workers.

Jesus wept.

Everybody must raise their taxes so that none of the rich decide to run away.

10 thoughts on “Joe Stiglitz on how to solve the crisis”

  1. Paragraph 2 is also worth a look, if not a laff.

    It talks about “tax heavens” which is as Freudian a slip as one is likely to see from an economist!

  2. John Malpas: no, of course they don’t. You can be a highly skilled member of the Amalgamated Union of Bakelite Knob-Twirlers and be a drug on the market. What Stiglitz means, no doubt, is ‘workers with high marginal productivity’. And if your productivity is derived from a footloose industry, then you can indeed bugger off to sunnier climes. God knows I did.

  3. anticitizenone: “I a worldwide cartel the productive might just decide to work less.”

    And, possibly more importantly, they may decide never to become productive.

    Many will think why do a degree if you can’t get paid more afterwards.

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