Not quite the point

"Cameron\’s campaign has been to take his party back to the centre in every policy area with one major exception: Europe," said EPP leader Wilfried Martens, a former Belgian prime minister. "I can\’t understand his tactics. [Angela] Merkel and [Nicolas] Sarkozy will never accept his Euroscepticism."

If we the people of Britain are eurosceptic (which we indeed are) then, well, let\’s put it this way, we don\’t elect our leaders to please Johnny Foreigner now, do we?

5 thoughts on “Not quite the point”

  1. Too right we don’t elect them to keep other people happy. Sarkozy came to power as an unashamed Thathcherite and has crumbled under the pressure of the lefties in France, so he hasn’t got any right to criticise others for taking up the mantle that he rejected.

  2. And what do they plan to do, invade?

    The EU promoting peace since 1945, except when countries don’t agree with us.

  3. Where has the myth of Camerons EUrosceptism come from? It does not exist, never has and never will. Hague gave the game away a couple of days ago and I understand that Cameron admiited on radio that we should be in the EU. He is wrong, Paliament, ours, makes our laws with no interference from our long time enemies.

  4. OT I know but you do realise:

    If our host cracks it tomorrow it’ll probably costing us 50€ a time to comment here.

    Enjoy it before the ‘Brussels Rules; cut in…….

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