Oh aye Mr Morley?

It revealed that a disgraced former Labour minister facing a police probe for claiming almost £17,000 for a \’phantom mortgage\’ has stumped up another £20,000.

In total, Elliot Morley had repaid £37,000. He said closer scrutiny of his claims had found part of the capital on his mortgage was paid from public funds.

Still, in his defence, £37,000 is such a trivial sum that none could object to such a mere rounding error, could they?

3 thoughts on “Oh aye Mr Morley?”

  1. A poverty stricken MP can find £37,000 without breaking sweat. They really do need a pay rise, don’t they?

  2. 37 Large is quite a lot for his constituents in Scunny, so I expect he is sweating quite a lot.

    They are steel people, remember.

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