Oh, yes, expenses again

This is really quite glorious.

So, we\’ve had the Telegraph\’s exposing what people really claimed. And we\’ve also now got the official information on what they were prepared to let us see they claimed.

The uncensored copies of documents and receipts submitted by senior members of the Government contain crucial details which were covered up in the official data released by Parliament, and which hold the key to abuses such as flipping and tax avoidance.

So now of course we can cross match the two sets of information and look at what even they were ashamed to admit they were taking.

Joy, joy!

1 thought on “Oh, yes, expenses again”

  1. Now apparently, there are moves afoot to ensure that their future expenses and allowances are guarranteed to be kept secret. The conniving buggers don’t seem to know when to stop digging.

    From the redacted pdf files, I have learned that my local MP has been renting his tatty little constituency office from his own constituency party, at a rate that looks heavily inflated.

    Dozens of them have claimed more council tax than they paid, and the police are starting to investigate both the commons and the lords.

    I still say take away their allowances, give them a parliamentary barracks, shuttle transport, travel warrants, and leave them with zero scope for fiddling.

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