On that Rowntree report

It was a lengthy piece of research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on attitudes to inequality in Britain. And the reason it was so absorbing was that it showed that almost all activists’ and politicians’ assumptions – including mine – about how people feel about inequality are wrong.


This mass delusion

Sigh. The people who don\’t think like what I do on equality are deluded then.

Better elect another people.

1 thought on “On that Rowntree report”

  1. I struggled through the article looking for the ‘nut graf’, as journalistic tossers would have it. Apparently the gist is that new Labour was meritocratic in tooth and claw over the last twelve years, and a failure to adhere to a greater sense of egalitarianism explains its current position in the political doldrums.

    The question for all the ages now arises: exactly how fucking stupid do you have to be to proffer that as an analysis of the current political scene? I would submit: very, very stupid. In fact, as stupid as, or more than, a gigantic bag of stupid things.

    To add to the hopeless miasma of idiocy swirling around the whole business, this outpouring of 24 carat bullshit did not appear in the Grauniad’s Comment is Free, but in The Times.

    Jesus wept.

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