James Chapman in the Daily Mail:

Front runner John Bercow – a left-wing Labour MP hated by his own party leadership – is under growing pressure to demonstrate significant support from Tory colleagues.

I think we\’ll count that as a fail, shall we?

John Simon Bercow (born 19 January 1963, in Edgware, London) is a British politician. He has been Conservative Party Member of Parliament for the constituency of Buckingham since being elected in 1997.

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  1. Do I recall correctly that Bercow had his hands in the expenses till? Maybe his constituency party could do us all a favour by deselecting him. End of problem.

    More on John Bercow from the MP of courage and integrity; Nadine Dorries. Highly recommended comments…. her observations in the House of Commons today. 17 June 2009. Check out her blog..The devil is in the detail:


    And even better perhaps her blog yesterday, if you missed it, on the same subject..

    Bercow as Speaker….A forgone conlusion?


    What will this Government’s legacy be?

    Will they burst the ball because they are losing the match?

    Have they learnt anything from the last few scandalous weeks?

    The nation will find out next Monday, 22 June 2009.

  3. Actually, Bercow looked to me a bit implausibly tory: I always suspected he might be a labour plant…

  4. Open letter to: Rt. Hon. Nadine Dorries MP for Mid Beds. Conservative. House of Commons, Westminster. London SW1

    Dear Nadine

    You did your best to stop John Bercow becoming the New Speaker of The House of Commons, but for whatever reason it was not to be, as he defeated Sir George Young by just over 50 votes in the final round.

    As I watched on TV Nadine, your face said it all, as the final result was announced I watched your reaction as you were sat just behind John Bercow; over his left shoulder. I felt exactly the same as you did as I shook my head in despair. It also was notable how few Conservatives were clapping and the many solemn faces on the Tory benches. It seems his ‘greasing up’ to New Labour and the Lib Dems has paid off, he has got what he been hoping and scheming for, for along time. Seeing the Labour MPs enjoying their final spiteful act; with so many smug smiling faces was truly sickening.

    When I think of his disloyalty to the Conservative party and three party leaders over the last few years and his arrogant ‘liberal pedantic speeches’ especially during the recent Embryology/ Abortion debate. The result is a bitter pill to swallow indeed.

    It will be interesting to view his promised impartiality, especially when moral issues are being discussed. It will be the subtle manipulation of debates I will be looking for and his old habit of shutting down debates if he doesn’t agree with what is being said. I fear the worst. However, as a Christian I have no hate for the man as a person, just his duplicity he has shown as an MP and his claimed liberal ‘enlightenment’ .

    If he’d crossed the floor a few years ago, I would of respected his liberal/ new labour views. However, I could not respect him having those views, whilst he stayed in his safe Conservative seat and continued to masquerade as a Conservative to the local people in his constituency.

    I will pray that like Saint Paul he will have a ‘Damascus road experience’ and that he changes some of his core beliefs, yet again, especially on the need to protect the most vulnerable human life amongst us; the unborn child.



  5. The Sunday Telegraph 28.06.2009 reveals more details of John Bercow’s £40,000 private income. Page 7 Quote by Patrick Sawer & Melissa Kite: ‘The new Commons Speaker was accused last night of profiting from his work as a government adviser on special educational needs. John Bercow was paid £40,000 by a health care firm which hired him after he wrote a report that led to a £52 million increase in special needs funding. The MP worked for six months for the Priory Group, which runs a number of special needs schools, giving advice about children who suffer from speech and language difficulties. He attended around five board meetings before he resigned from the post on becoming Speaker last week The payments declared by Mr Bercow in the Register of Members’ Interests will now raise questions about the propriety of MPs taking money from firms working in an area in which they have dealt directly in Parliament.
    Tory opponents of Mr Berocow, who was voted in as Michael Martin’s replacement despite little support from his own party, said the disclosures cast fresh doubts on his suitability as Speaker. ” This calls into question his judgement. He appears to have profited from his work as Brown’s adviser”, said one MP.
    Mr Bercow, once a member of the right-wing Monday Club but now on the left of his party, has also been criticised for “flipping” the designation of his second home, enabling him to avoid paying capital gains tax.’ Unquote.

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