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Hmm, this is the response I got to the following question:

Is  a  jersey  bank  account  considered  to  be  a  UK  acc
customer  message:  Additional  Information:  \’If  I  open  a  UK  paypal  account,
can  I  link  that  to  a  Jersey  bank  account?\’


I do apologise but you may not be able to do it. UK PayPal account must
also have a UK bank account. This is because you might be required to
validate information on the account and this will not work if the bank is
not in UK.

However, I would just suggest that you sign up a US PayPal account so you
could be able to register your Jersey bank account. Of course, you must
also have information such as postal address in US.

Perhaps a few remedial lessons in geography would be worthwhile? Jersey is, of course, not the same as New Jersey.

And yes, I was asking the European end of PayPal.

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  1. Robbo: we aren’t, that is very true.

    Tim: yes, you can link a PayPal account to a Jersey account – mine works just fine, verified and all.

  2. My UK Paypal account one day became a Russian one, even though my bank remained in the Isle of Man. The bloke said it was because I’d registered it when I was resident in Russia, even though I registered it when I was in the UK years before I ever went to Russia. I think they saw the address, made an assumption, and fired off a few stock responses.

  3. What if I haven’t verified my account yet and I am a freelancer I will be paid this Wednesday will the payment still go through my account even if I haven’t verified my account yet. I am still on the process of acquiring a visa card and its on Saturday. I will be paid this coming Wednesday, what are the possibilities that all of my work will go to nothing.

  4. PayPal securely processes payments for [my email address]. You can finish paying in a few clicks.
    how to change the company name.

    any body help me ASP.

  5. I forgot my password but I don’t wanna change my password. Is there a way for me to know it?

  6. Can any one give me some information or sample code about chained payment in Paypal with multiple Recievers… thanks in Advance

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