So what will he cut? Our old friends, \”ID cards, quango pay and the cost of ­politics\” – popular but hardly yielding billions.

I\’m afraid I\’m not interested enough to go back and check but I\’m certain that I\’ve seen Polly say that we could save billions by not having ID cards.

Freezing public sector pay saves £20bn a year – but would only be acceptable if private pay and bonuses were frozen too.

Eh? Private sector pay is currently falling while public sector is rising. So I cannot see a moral point she\’s making. Further, we\’re talking about the public debt here: cutting public sector pay would reduce the debt. Increasing private sector pay would reduce it, given the slice the government takes off the top as taxation.

There\’s no connection at all there. Public sector pay is higher than private, rising faster and the perks are far better. Why should that position be privileged?

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