Quite stunning

Labour has run out of steam and of ideas. Its supporters are turning to the Liberal Democrats.

Seriously amazing. Clegg manages to write a whole piece about the recent elections without once mentioning UKIP.

Labour is turning to the Lib Dems…..without mentioning that UKIP beat them both?

3 thoughts on “Quite stunning”

  1. The LibDems have lost the rural Shires and are left with inner-city boroughs. The LibDems have turned into NuLabour at least in the eyes of the voters.

  2. Indeed, Kit. I hope the upcoming tsunami sweeps them both away.

    (It is a fact well-known to aficionados of political activism that, no matter how repellent Labour may be in central government, for devious, under-handed nastiness they can’t lay a glove on the LibDems at the local level. I have never met a LibDem councillor that I would cross the road to piss on if he were on fire.)

  3. Of course he won’t mention the UKIP. I expect you’ll find the Quisling Party didn’t say much about the Resistance, either, for the same reason.

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