Scary religious educations…..

I wrote something elsewhere about how someone says they\’re going to reveal the Ark of the Covenant to an adoring world.

I was not, as you might imagine, all that serious about their claims.

But this is scary. In the comments, someone has, I assume seriously, put this:

Is anyone even concerned about what will happen if anyone but sanctified Levites try to move the Ark? It doesn\’t matter if you think it is idolatry or Ark worship the truth is God does not change and He gave instructions concerning the Ark and they have not changed.


4 thoughts on “Scary religious educations…..”

  1. “..He gave instructions concerning the Ark..”

    It’s been, what, 2000+ years? I’m pretty sure the warranty is invalid now..

  2. Apparently and Ethopian bishop claims it’s been hidden in his church for centuries. He made the announcement while visiting the Vatican.

    Historically, I can almost see it. Sheba was Ethiopan.

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