Sex swap ops on the NHS.

I\’ve often wondered just what is the extent of sex swaps.

We hear a great deal about \”transgendered\” rights as in the T in LGBT but I\’ve never really known what is he extent of the occurence.

SEX-change operations on the NHS have TREBLED over the past decade, official figures revealed yesterday.

More than 1,000 people have gone under the knife since 1999 — costing taxpayers up to £10million.

And now I know. Important to those who have the surgery, of course, but to the rest of us an entirely trivial pinprick in the public finances.

As to the whole T part of LGBT, what, some thousands in total across the country?

Definitely a minority sport then….

Oh, and this is lovely:

Bernard Reed, of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society, said: “Gender confirmation surgery is absolutely essential.

\”gender confirmation\”?

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  1. “gender confirmation”?

    I know a few people who have had or are planning to have such surgery. From their point of view they are already of the target gender but happen to have been born with the wrong genitalia, hence the surgery is “confirming” their gender by correcting this error.

    We hear a great deal about “transgendered” rights as in the T in LGBT

    From what I hear it seems that the LGB parts often aren’t happy with the T parts; a certain Ms. Bindel is known to dislike them.

  2. Well it seems that I am a female born into a male body.

    About the time I discovered this fact, I also learned that I am a lesbian.

    So I suppose I can get along without the operation.

  3. “From their point of view they are already of the target gender”

    Gender isn’t an issue of point of view; except for a vanishing small percentage of cases, it’s a simple issue of chromosomes, XX or XY.

    Total and utter waste of taxpayers’ money, like so much else in the public sector in general and the NHS in particular.

  4. I know of only one case but I know it well.
    A 2nd cousin of mine (about 50 yrs old born male) had the expensive surgery on the NHS about a decade ago. But he still doesn’t look at all like a woman. Tragic waste of money however you cut it (no pun).

  5. Little Black Sambo

    If you use the word “gender” when speaking about this subject you have already conceded part of the argument – that a person’s sex is not physically determined but depends on subjective “perception” or wish. Tosh, of course.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    I suspect that a lot of Ts need some convincing before they accept that they are the wrong gender in the wrong body. Calling it confirmation simply gives in to that argument.

    In the end this is probably a mental illness rather than a real gender issue. I am not convinced that irreversible bodily mutilation is the way to go to cure that particular problem. Anorexics might think they are fat but we do not starve them. Some people do think they rightfully should not have limbs. Legs mostly. It is illegal in the US to cut off those limbs to bring reality and mentality in line. It is done on the NHS in Britain. I am not sure we are doing the right thing.

    What about those vanishingly small group of people who think they are dead? A problem that I would guess tends to sort itself out.

  7. Sorry folks, but I am viscerally opposed to snipping other people’s sex organs off as if they were bacon rinds, or the crust on your sandwich.

    Surgeons who are prepared to do that, should be disbarred from operating on the rest of us. I would say the same for any surgeon, who deliberately disfigured someone’s face at his or her own behest.

    If men wish to cut off their cocks, or women wish to pour vitriol over their faces and breasts, we can’t stop them. They will do it anyway.

    We shouldn’t be helping them.

  8. Well it’s good that everyone’s got this sorted out based on gut feeling. Problem solved, move along!

    There is a simple issue from which one can start- is sex perception innate? That is, does a boy “feel like a boy” regardless of what he is taught in life? If you say no to that, then you accept the feminist/marxist premise that gender is a social construct, and boys can be taught to be girls, and vice versa. Any takers?

    No, thought not.

    So, if sex perception is innate- that is, the perception that one is a particular sex and should live the life of that sex (and we must preusme that this applies to all other higher animals after all, since they have no means to learn their sex role, without communication) then it is also at least possible that a congenital defect could cause the wrong “brain wiring” and lead to the incorrect sex perception. That is, it would be a congenital birth defect, a disability.

    Whether this is the case for transgendered people, we do not know. They may all be mad. Or some of them may be mad, and some of them suffering the congenital disability. Or maybe they are all suffering the congenital disability.

    Whatever the case, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on emotional feeling, however “visceral”.

  9. The spirit moves the mind which moves the body. So a far cheaper solution to “t” would be to help those poor folk change not their bodies, but their minds.

    I know a former “homosexual” who has now been married to a lovely lady for about 20 years, with 2 lovely girls they last time they counted. I know one case proves nothing, except that such a thing can be done.

    Alan Douglas

  10. Sooo, deny people life-saving treatment because its unproven or the costs outweigh the benefits, but pay whatever it costs for sex reassignment?

  11. “entirely trivial pinprick”

    The absence or presence of which is so crucial to the debate.

    I’ll get me coat……..

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