Simple answers to simple questions

Does the rightwing coup in Honduras represent a return to the days of rule by violence in South America?


Honduras is in Central America.

5 thoughts on “Simple answers to simple questions”

  1. For a second or two, I thought you were being petty on this, on the grounds of continent: but of course Honduras is (continentally) in North America.

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  2. Who to hell says it’s a right wing coup? The Honduran judiciary and government acted to prevent a left wing coup!

    I suppose it must be all those ‘NeoCon’ Hondurans who think that their constitution is worth the parchment it’s printed on.

  3. What I want to know is why this proto-Chávez has been foisted on poor Costa Rica. He’d be more at home in La Paz or Managua with his fellow Leftist caudillos.

    It also highlights how much of a ‘coup’ this was. The people who ousted him put him on a plane unmolested. If the Chávez story tells us anything, it’s that a quick bullet behind the ear of the person you’re overthrowing saves a world of trouble later on.

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