Smith, Darwin and short term outlooks

This by Robert Frank makes sense right up until the last sentence.

The good news is that unlike other animal species, humans can often resolve such conflicts through intelligent regulation.

OK, that still makes sense but there\’s a deus ex machina air to it. Intelligent regulation can indeed help….the question is, how do we get intelligent regulation?

For those making the regulations will fail just like everyone else, as they will be more concerned with the short term results rather than the long term….we haven\’t solved this problem simply by turning  people into regulators.

Most certainly we have to avoid the horrible logical fallacy of: intelligent regulation will help, this is regulation, therefore this regulation will help.

5 thoughts on “Smith, Darwin and short term outlooks”

  1. Make sure that the regulators have an incentive to consider the long term. Hereditary Monarchy fits the bill, eh?

  2. You get intelligent regulation the traditional way – via the use of the machine gun.
    see WW2.

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