Shouting \”off our streets Nazi scum\”, the demonstrators chased him down the street to his car.

Mr Griffin, who has been elected an MEP for the North West of England, was guided to his vehicle by his bodyguards and quickly drove off.

It is amusing, it has to be said.

However, the police have a duty to protect him from such mobs. Just as they have a duty to protect anyone lawfully going about their own business from violence and threats of it.

It might be true that fascist scum would, if they were in power, use mobs to silence us, to prevent us from going about our lawful business. It might be that given that, that some would say we should give them a dose of their own medicine. Why should we allow fascists free rein when they would not allow us free rein?

As the Devil said, the reason we do not deny fascist scum the protection of the law is that we are not fascist scum.

Or if you would prefer the pornographer\’s, Larry Flynt, point, if the law protects a scumbag like me then you can be sure that it will protect you.

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  1. However, the politicians that bankrupted the nation and crushed our civil liberties get to walk the streets with only the only occasional boo.

  2. The objection to the BNP is clearly that they are The Wrong Sort of Fascist. The parlour sort – Tony Blair and Company – are the right sort, it would seem.

  3. While I agree (sort of) with the motives of the protesters, their actions were stupid, censorious and ultimately counterproductive.

    I personally think that the best way marginalising the BNP is simply to laugh at them. Let them have their platform (banning them is the sort of thing THEY’D do), then shred their stupid arguments and laugh at them.

    Go on, taunt a Fascist. You know it makes sense.


  4. I’m sorry, I’m losing the thread here.

    Less than a week ago the story was about the desperately low turnout at the election & the damage it was doing to democracy.
    This week; that nearly a million of us got up off their arses & voted for a party that the media has been doing it’s best to vilify or ignore is greeted with horror.
    They now have two democratically elected representatives , albeit to a rather useless place, to voice their concerns. (OK, I know the voting system doesn’t quite work like that but would it be an improvement for them have the number of members proportional to their nationwide vote?)
    Isn’t this the point of democracy?

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  6. Silly silly jus’askin.

    The point of democracy is to entrench the power of the Guardianistas.

    If for some reason we vote for someone else, we are wrong, and the ballot doesn’t count.

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