Yes, yes, we all know, keeping up with the Joneses is terrible. It leads to excessive consumption, the hedonic treadmill, and we\’d all be much happier if we didn\’t do it.

That is roughly what we\’re told from certain quarters isn\’t it?


BEING competitive and wanting to \”keep up with the Joneses\” is why man is so brainy, research has shown.

Scientists say it is the main reason the brain has tripled in size over the past two million years since cavemen realised they needed to outdo each other to survive.

The brains of early ancestors who lived in large populations grew faster than those who lived in more isolated groups, said the report.

Professor David Geary, who led the study for the University of Missouri in the US, said: \”When humans had to compete for necessities and status bigger brains provided an advantage.\”

It also appears that trying to keep up with the Joneses is what makes us human.

Why is it that so many ideas about society (to take another example, this bias that some have against trade. We know very well that trade predates our own species!) that are pushed as the latest fad seem to go against the very grain of what it is to be human?

2 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. The idea that competition is necessary to survival and therefore one of the main driving forces of evolution is scarcely revolutionary, is it?

    O/T I think I shall start a list of all the things that are claimed to ‘make us human’.

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