Spent convictions

Yes, I know there\’s a system of spent convictions (although I\’ve no idea whether this one was or is) but even if this one was spent it\’s a strange job to offer:

A council has apologised for employing a senior social worker knowing that she had previously been found guilty of hiring a hitman to kill her husband.

Lynda Barnes was hired by Bath and North East Somerset Council after giving a “highly sanitised” version of events that led to her receiving a two-year suspended jail sentence for conspiracy to murder.

The truth came to light only when a judge hearing a child protection case was told that she had tried to persuade a colleague to lie under oath.

4 thoughts on “Spent convictions”

  1. The judge didn’t see any need to punish her for conspiracy to murder, so why not hire her? Pathetic, the lot of them.

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