Stephen King\’s idea for a new TV channel

Surprisingly good actually:

Last, and possibly best, the ultimate reality channel: TONTINE TV (not to be confused with the reality show that has drifted in and out of development over the last couple of years). As originally conceived over 300 years ago, a tontine was an investment scheme, but I see it as a supercontest. Tontine TV would pick two dozen newborn babies and put $250,000 for each one into a nice safe money market fund. Over the years, the seed money would grow to a staggering sum. Generations of avid TV viewers would watch as babies become children, then teenagers, young adults, and finally senior citizens. The last survivor gets all the dough, which by then might total a billion dollars. Makes Who Wants to be a Millionaire look like a candy store, doesn\’t it? Imagine the excitement when we get down to the final three or four survivors! You could argue that the winner — who\’s maybe 104 or so at that point, and not all that spiffy in the cognition department — wouldn\’t enjoy the money much. Maybe not…but think of his or her inheritors! Sports cars all around! For me, this one can\’t come too soon.

6 thoughts on “Stephen King\’s idea for a new TV channel”

  1. But why would anyone bother to watch it in the beginning, knowing that they’d almost certainly not live to see the outcome?

  2. It would be much more fun if the people were allowed to hunt down and kill each other — the victor would be the one who hasn’t been prematurely murdered…


  3. A tontine features in the 1966 film The Wrong Box, based on a Robert Louis Stevenson novel. It starred Michael Caine, Pete and Dud, John Mills, Nanette Newman – and is still funny. And yes, there are attempted murders.

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